Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mendele latest steps

B"H there is so much news about Mendele.... where should we start?

Mendele has been climbing all over. One day he discovered that if he gets on his knees and pushes backwards, tada! he is sitting! He is so excited with his new find that he just does it over and over and over and over!

The next excitement is that Mendele actually pulled himself up to stand against the couch!
And the last but not least is that Mendele listens when we ask him to give us something (he also applauds himself after, knowing what a good boy he is being ;). When eating Mendele will take the fork, bite off the food and hand the fork back! B"H he so cute.

On that same note he figured out how to put things in the containers instead of just throwing them away.

We are very very proud!

Mendele started Aqua therapy once a week. At first he wasn't so happy- probably with the temperature of the water. Lately, however he's started to enjoy it.

Iy"H we'll post pictures of all these things - till then...