Sunday, November 7, 2010

Downs Ed International

Downs Ed International is an unbelievable organization!

I just attended a Downs Ed conference that came to Cleveland (from the UK) and was amazed at how well they know their clients! They focus on the strengths that a child with Downs has, and teaches everything geared towards children with DS.

One of the main focuses they have is on Speech. You must check out their website for free download of their program. Of course its another time consuming event, although you can order ready made program for a cost.

This has been the first conference that I have been to whose focus was specific to Down Syndrome. Thank G-D they came to Cleveland, otherwise I would not have realized the importance to actually travel to a conference. People flew in from all across the US to Cleveland!

Thanks to the Upside of Downs here in Cleveland who hosted Downs Ed!

I have to thank all therapists who have and still are working with Mendele. A lot of information that was spoken about at the conference I had seen being worked on with Mendele. The conference added extra background information explaining why each of those activities were so important, specific to children with Down Syndrome!