Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well friends. In this long stretch of time, Mendele has grown lots. He is cruising along the couch and just taught himself how to get down! He is also climbing up and down stairs. He has become a real Daddy's boy. "DaDa" is one of the most exciting things in Mendele's life right now.

Mendele's therapist uses Bamba to work on his biting. Now anything that comes in a crinkly bag is called "Bamba"

Songs with motions has become a favorite for Mendele. He covers his eyes while saying the Shema. He is always ready to say Bam. (from the second par of the Shema; Vedibarta Bam)
Or when we say the Blessing over food, Mendele says "Ba"

Mendele has always loved listening and drumming to the beat of music, but now he's actually started singing "La, la, la" If only there were a trace of a tune....

We recently had our annual IFSP meeting. The EIOD (gov. official) reevaluated the current therapies and added in a new center-based program that Mendele will go to 3 times a week. This program is run through Step by Step and is known as Teacher Terry's class. Teacher Terry is a Special Ed therapist and does parent-child classes through music and movement. In Mendele's class there will be about 6 other children.

More to come....