Friday, July 27, 2007

The Anat Baniel/Feldenkrais Method

OK, it's time to get down to business. Let me begin by telling you the reason for our trip to Manhattan. We took Mendele to see a therapist named Marcy Lyndheimer, a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and among the top in her field.

Here she is working with Mendele:

Mendele thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Marcy. Feldenkrais is in general a gentle therapy and Marcy is a specialist in the Anat Baniel method, specifically for children.

For a full understanding of Feldenkrais please follow the links above. I will write the general idea.

Often, when a body isn't functioning at the highest rate, the problem is caused by a lack of communication between the brain's nervous system which governs the body's movements and the muscles that actually move the body's limbs. In other words, the brain might not know how to make proper use of those muscles.

The aim of Feldenkrais is to make the connection between the brain and the muscles, helping the body get to know itself, thereby enabling it to take proper advantage of all of its muscles and members.

Unlike most therapies, Feldenkrais is not a goal based system. These therapists will not allow a child to learn to stand before they can crawl, for example. The only goal is to get the body to figure itself out, step by step without skipping, always at its own pace.

As you will find in a quick search, Feldenkrais has worked miraculously for some very desperate cases. What you might not hear is that although it has made miracles for some it has simply not worked at all for others. I don't know why, perhaps it is exactly the gentle nature of the therapy that might make it ineffective.

Either way, we decided to give it a try. We haven't seen tremendous changes yet, but, then again, Mendele is basically on par with his age group so we don't need a miracle.

Here you may see some pictures and some videos of Marcy's work with Mendele. Of course I couldn't possibly write this post without saying a big Thank You to Aunt Ellen (also a Feldenkrais practitioner) for accompanying us on this journey, to Uncle Z. for sponsoring the first session and to Uncle and Aunt C. for sponsoring the rest. Thank you all so much!

Enjoy the visuals.

Well, have a good Shabbos everyone.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Manhattan is in no particular order.

Hi everybody and welcome back.
Mendele and his Mommy and Tatty spent Shabbos in 'the country'. Mendele took to the fresh country air like a fish to water. (The following is in no particular order.)
Lately Mendele has been putting everything in his mouth; his burping diaper,his bally toys,
his pushka's toes...
He got a new Bumbo Seattm ......which he uses mainly during mealtime.
Mendele is a smiley face!
A beautiful smiley face!
Mendele got to play with a piano, and a xylophone (not pictured... yet).
Mendele also got to go to Manhattan for the first time.

We'll tell you why a little later.So, from the Big Apple, tu da lu.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's HOT in NY!

Hi everybody, I've discovered the "n" sound! "Na na na!"

Now that I can speak I am just like a real Tatty!Anyways It's hot in NY.
Too hot to play fully dressed.
But it's never too hot to make new friends! Meet Dovi.

I did promise to explain all of my therapies and I do have some new ones but I will have to do that later. Oh, by the way today I rolled from my back to my stomach on my own!

So until next time, Mendele.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

B"H Mendele has achieved sooo much!
In OT and PT we are now working on his rolling, trunk control and the strength in his hands so he should be able to support himself while sitting.
The good news is, more he strenghtens his trunk the less we see his tounge!
In speech we're working on cause and affect and teaching Mendele to pass objects from one hand to the other.

Here, have a look-see at some photos:

Mendele surprised us and rolled from his back to his stomach!!! In speech Mendele is playing the drums - to learn that his actions have cause an effect.

Trunk control...


... and hand strength......

... and rolling over.He is learning to catch himself when he falls (see that right hand supporting his weight.)
He has begun to hold his own food and bottles!
And he's still as cute as ever- kein ayin horo!!

Till next time...

Love Mendele.