Saturday, August 11, 2007

Homeopathy's Answer to DS

Mendele's Zaidy gave him a homeopathic remedy soon after he was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Let me tell a little about this remedy:

A homeopath in India discovered that the “Mongol Child”, otherwise known as Down syndrome can be treated with a remedy called Baryta Carbonica. He found that the remedy can enhance the DS child’s development, in some cases improving his IQ to the point that the child can no longer be considered even mildly retarded.

Baryta carb. is made from a mineral called Barium Carbonate. This mineral is also called witherite after William Withering the man who discovered it. Barium is found in minerals in the earth's crust. It grows very much like quartz. If you heat it up it will glow in the dark. It’s used in the making of television screens, fancy glass goblets and eye glasses, bricks and cement.

Barium carbonate is actually quite poisonous. Its main use is in rat poison. However, homeopathy doesn’t use the actual substance in its remedies. The original ingredient is diluted so much that not even a molecule of it remains in the medicine. The only part that is left in these remedies is the electromagnetic energy.

Like most homeopathic remedies, the easiest way to understand Baryta carb. is by understanding the “Baryta character”. The main characteristic in Baryta people is that they don't act their age. Baryta children are behind in their development, Baryta adults behave childishly and old people act like children again.

All Baryta people have not fully matured in some aspect of their personality be it on the physical, emotional or mental plane. Children who need this remedy tend to be late walkers and talkers with large heads, whose bodies may not have grown properly or reached full maturity (thus the likelihood of infertility in DS children). Elderly people who require this remedy may have senile dementia or may have suffered a stroke and been left with a handicap.

In short Baryta carb. is meant to encourage the underdeveloped to finish developing. The suggested dosage is 1 dose of Baryta Carb 10M per year. (Please, do not administer anything without the guidance of someone knowledgeable in Homeopathy.)

Please let me know if you've tried this remedy and whether you've seen any major changes at all. Also if you have any questions about what I wrote here feel free to pick my brain.


Shmuli said...

I forgot to note that DS children match the Baryta description very well. That's what gave the Indian doctor the idea to try Baryta carb. in the first place.

Anonymous said...

wow, what hashgacha pratis, i happened to be listening to Mendele's Zaidy's lecture on about holistic healing and homeopathy today and i was wondering if he had anything to offer for Mendele. I hope it helps!

Shmuli said...

I just heard from a close relative that they tried Baryta carb. on their child (with a different genetic disorder that also causes slow development) and he reports that after six months he saw no real change in the child's development patern.

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