Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Brilliant? How Brilliant!

How smart are your children?

Your answer will depend on how well you know them. "Don't judge me until you're standing in my shoes" is a take-off of the divinely inspired original, "Don't judge your fellow until you are standing in his place".

But, is this a divinely inspired message? What's the big trick? Take a step over man and prepare yourself for judgment as I fill your former space. No. To get to your place I'd need to endure the journey that took you there.

How smart are your children? Mine - one average, one special - are brilliant!

The average (girl) drops my jaw, tending herself like she was born to it. I've never taken the journey of an average child. I'm amazed at her brilliance.

The special (boy) is only three and he's already at the physical development level of a one and a half year old! He's climbing in and out of his own bed. He's drinking from a little canteen; he's poking and dipping his food. He's talking at the level of a child two thirds his age. "", "Mommy.broom.pan.floor", " me", "".

He's a genius! And what a journey it's been!

"Know your child and reap the ecstasy."