Monday, February 19, 2007

The blessing of DS

Dear Family & Friends,

Hearing something shocking about someone always seems worse than it is until you hear it from its source. And then it's usually calming to know that what you heard is not as bad as people make it sound.

If you would meet Mendel in person will see that he is a normal baby like any other. He needs to be fed, changed and loved.

The hardest part for friends and family is not knowing how to respond to such news. B"H we are coping. We don't walk around all day feeling sad or bad. We have a healthy baby who is KA"H very cute and lovable.

Down Syndrome today is almost like having a bad cold that needs constant tending to, tea and herbs and tissues etc. it just takes a bit more work.

All the people we've spoken to have told us that thier children with Downs are a joy to thier family and only brings smiles to those around them. Mendele has so far been just that!


AY and Fruma said...

You guys are amazing. Hashem should help you keep this bracha in mind for the rest of your lives!

AY and Fruma said...
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