Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pictures and other stuff

Yesterday while Mendele's Tatty was away at work Mendele had a great time with his Mommy. They oohed and aahed. They enjoyed focusing on beautiful, colorful pictures. They played with the little red ring, and Mommy took Mendele to get weighed.
B"H Mendele is growing and gaining each day. No more worries from the Dr. He is currently 8.12 lb. That's a full pound since we left NY! Maybe it's his Bubby's food;)
Mendele's Mommy took his hands and stood him up and his tiny little legs held him up very well!
Today Mendele read another story with Tatty and took a nice long walk outside in the fresh air.
Now that Mendele can hold his head up for 5-10 seconds at a time his Mommy and Tatty have begun to let him rest on his back (until now he was kept almost solely on his belly to build his back and shoulder muscles).
Well, Mendele is getting very big, very fast. Check it out:
Mendele enjoys staring at things until they get uncomfortable- even the camera was blushing when we took this picture!

This is pretty much what conversations with Mendele look like. After saying "ooh" 5 or 6 times, Mendele makes the "ooh" shape with his mouth. Once in a while there is an "ooh" sound as well. -Holding the camera and talking to him, the picture is a bit lopsided.

We're working on this... but he does look pretty darned cute with his tongue hangin' out!

Anyways, Mendele is getting tired so...aaah...


Until later...


Rochie Sudak said...

Rivky, he's precious. I think he looks SO much like your baby pictures! Maybe you can post those as well ;) Although I do see a bit of Shmuli in some poses... And yes, he looks like he gained a pound! I see that double chin starting :)

Anonymous said...

Shmulie, you crack me up. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

Rivky - Thanks so much for these posts - I feel like Im there!!!! the pictures are great and Mazal Tov Menedele on the amazing progress!!! May you go michayil el chayil!!!