Thursday, February 22, 2007


Speaking to families who have children with DS, we were given lots of tips.

Note: The average child on his own, will start gurgling, grabbing on to things and moving on his own. Children with DS need to be taught to do these things. (B"H Mendele is a real fighter and already began doing many things on his own)

Because children with DS have low muscle tone we have to constantly stimulate Mendele, to help strengthen his muscles. Nursing is the best the speech therapy.

Talking to the baby is also vital for his learning to react and talk back. So, a typical diaper change is like this: "Mendele, now Mommy is unbuttoning your stretchie. Now I'm taking your left foot out, now your right foot. These 3 snaps are opening your undershirt. Now Mommy is opening your diaper. Oh, @*#@! Mommy is closing you diaper now!!" etc. You can imagine why we keep water bottles all over the house;)

Moving his hands and feet, getting him to grasp onto things with his hands, making sounds like "Oooooh, Oooooh" for Mendel to copy, and showing him colorful pictures are a few of the things that keeps his Mommy and Tatty busy all day.

Even though Mendele loves to sleep, and we certainly enjoy peace and quiet of that time too, we've been advised that the more we keep him awake and stimulated, the greater his achievements will be.

Any questions?


Eli said...

Thanks for the posts, keep them coming, I check in a few times a day.

Shmuli said...

Ok that means we have to post more than once a day... I think under normal circumstances we could handle that.

Rochie Sudak said...

Same here - we check in all the time. It's so hard when we're so far, but these are great updates. Keep the pics coming. He's delish. Make sure you enjoy and remember how tiny he is now. Newborns are so precious, and they get big so fast!

The Vogels said...

Us too, we're checking in approx. 6 times a day.....