Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shabbos Kodesh

A gute voch to all of our dear friends. May this week bring you only success and happiness.

This Shabbos Mendele went with his parents to his aunt and uncle's house. There he made many instant friends. Although he spent most of the day sleeping - it was Shabbos after all - he spent the rest of the day eating!

Since Mendele came home his doctor - Dr. Rosen - has been watching his weight carefully. Mendele was born at an even seven pounds and over his stay at the hospital (he took a while to recover from a complicated birth) he gained twelve ounces. However when we brought him in to get weighed two weeks later he had lost a couple ounces of weight!

The doctor put us on a rigorous feeding schedule and before long Mendele was back to 7.12. by the next week he was up to 7.14, this past Tuesday he made it to eight pounds!

While Dr. Rosen knows that Mendele is gaining he is still concerned, because the rate at which he is gaining is very slow - oprx. half an ounce a day.

We got worried too (which is the suggested path when the doctor is worried). So we called our family's lactation specialist and she calmed our young hearts saying (and I'll break it down for you)

a. Formula fed babies grow at a rate of 1 ounce per day. Breast-fed babies grow at a rate of 1/2 an ounce per day. This means that Mendele's growth rate is normal B"H!

b. There s nothing you can do to make your milk stronger. By the same token, even if a mother lived on potato chips and coke, as long as there is milk the baby would still get the nutrients it needs. The healthy eating that doctors suggest is meant to keep the mommy healthier!

So after some stuff has been said and done - Mendele is good and healthy - boruch Hashem!!


Anonymous said...

B"H. You know, Mendele should have a look at our blog and laugh! Keep up the great postage.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Shmulie you attitude is inspiring to me!! Keep up the good work and have lots of nachas!!!

AY and Fruma said...

Anyone who knows Tatty Friedman Sr knows what he would write about doctors right about now. BH all is well and keep up with the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I hear that, believe it or not, drinking beer is a way to make a mother's milk thicker...

What a way to celebrate PURIM!

Anonymous said...

Shmuli and Rivky, I can't believe that I just found this blog and everyone has been checking more than 3times a day!! Well from yesterday to today - no new post??

Hey we want to hear what Mendele is up to. Please post and by the way if this comment is in the wrong place than pls teach me how to blog!!!