Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What's happening...

We enrolled Mendele in Early Intervention thru Yeled V'Yalda in New York. At our phone interview I was being asked a huge list of questions. (Is he nursing? Can he lift his head? Does he straighten his legs? Is he sucking on his hand? Do his eyes focus? Does he respond to noise? etc.) After responding "Yes, he does that" to almost every question, the woman on the other line says, he may not even be eligable for therapy! We were very happy to hear that and we're sure you are too;) Our appointment is setup for after Purim.

In the meantime, here in Cleveland Mendele's grandparents and cousins are having a great time getting to know him. He's been behaving pretty well for us too and we even got a half a smile from him!

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Unknown said...

Mendel, a half a smile is a major milestone! Just be sure to do it when the camera is around! cuz sometimes it takes another few WEEKS (forever!) till it's caught on camera :)