Monday, February 26, 2007

My heart is warmed

5 pm yesterday I installed a hit counter on the site (you can see it at the bottom of the page).

Between 5 pm yesterday and 12:30pm today we have accumulated 130 hits! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our dear friends and family for continuously checking up on us - it warms our hearts and we thank you.

Between then and now we have some wonderful developments.

Before I tell you about them I would like to suggest that these developments are so monumental because he's so young and he's just beginning to learn. Soon however, his steps will seem smaller simply because that's the way life goes.

Anyways last night Mendele's mommy tugged gently at Mendele's arms extending them forward, away from his body - this is one of the standard exercises we do several times a day. this time Mendele responded by flexing his muscles and sitting up, lifting his body off of the bed. We were so excited we made him do this four or five times consecutively. But after that the hard work of supporting his head tired him and he couldn't do it anymore.

Later Mendele's Tatty placed the red ring they always play with on Mendele's chest and lo and behold Mendele started playing with it on his own! He even got a good grip on once or twice.

This morning Mendele was read to from the "tales of Tzaddikim" stories. He was quite taken by the pictures and enjoyed the story immensely.

Again thank you all for caring so much- it means a lot to us.


Mottel said...

Keep em coming guys.

Shmuli said...

You betcha!

Bentzi said...
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Bentzi said...

you are amazing. Mendele is already inspiring so many with this website. Boy, does he have the right parents!

Watch this site make it's rounds on the web -- it's gonna be up there.

Shmuli said...

Amen! May he be a light unto the nations!

Anonymous said...

Shmulie !! you're sooo cute!!!!