Saturday, March 3, 2007

For Family and Friends

B"H Mendele added quite a whoop and a holler (and a wail or two) to the noise at the sound of Haman's name tonight.
Hi, everybody. Sorry 'bout the silence - here's what's going on.
According to Mendele's aunt Mushka he actually laughed with her over Shabbos. Though we don't know this for sure (we do trust her but we can't tell all of you with certainty unless one of us actually sees it) we do know that over the past few days Mendele has been chattering away - to the absolute delight of his Mommy and aunts!

Another development (just in the last few days) Mendele grans onto his mommys shirt or shawl whenever he is being carried in the nursing position - he grabs and he holds on tight!!

This weekend at the home of aunt Nechami, Mendele experimented with a bunch of new toys. A bouncer with flashing lights and fun music and a swing with ocean sound effects. He also tried out a doll and five sided ball and some other fun, fun stuff.

*please note: We have heard from friends that they are under the impression that this is a family site. The truth is that this site is for whomever wishes to take comfort or inspiration from it. So, please, be you friend or family we welcome your comments.


Shmuli said...

Ok, this is not a sign that people understood this post!

Anonymous said...

I did appreciate this post, makes me feel like less of an intruder.

Rivky, I'm one of your friends, but not really close enough to rationalize my strong feelings for your Mendele!

Wishing you much hatzlacha in continuing to raise him as a hartziger, chassidishe yid. Oh, of course, and much nachas! Looking at all the simcha he spreads, seems you're probably shepping a lot already.