Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Mendele was soo cute yesterday.

He slept until 4:30 before waking up his Mommy to get his portion of milk while he watched the sunrise over smoky NY. When the sun was all the way up his Mommy put him back in his bed - a move Mendele was apparently not very happy about because he qvetched and whined. Even the music his Mommy put in his bed didn't calm him down. It was actually the music that woke Mendele's Tatty who brought Mendele into his bed where they quietly played nicely until 6:00 when Mendele fell asleep and his Tatty went to shul.

When Mendele finally woke up at 9:00 he was in such a good mood, and he was so talkative that he and his Tatty had their first real heart to heart talk since Mendele joined the family.

Throughout the day many people came to visit Mendele and he entertained them all - a real charmer!

Mendele's new schedule is: Sleep all night (he does sleep b"H until at least 4am), when he wakes up he eats and then plays for about half an hour and then goes back to sleep with his "sussy". Then, for the rest of the day he eats as soon as he wakes up, then he has to play for at least half an hour and then go to sleep with his sussy.

This schedule is recommended for any baby over 2 months old - this way whenever he qvetches you know what he wants - other than a diaper change - it's either eat play or sleep. and yes he does qvetch wen we don't play with him during play time.

B"H to all of this - Please, check back at around ten pm for pictures of the past week!


Anonymous said...

c'mon I cant wait that long!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mendele, I have been sitting on my mommy's lap reading all about you and checking out all those pics. I would love to meet you. Do you wanna come over for a play date? Sunday's work great for me and my mommy. Tell your mom to call my mommy. Let them work out the schedule and leave us out of the picture. My number is 718-778-1056. Can't wait to meet you.