Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Has it been a few hours?

Hi everybody,
Check these out:

Mendele is mesmerized by he hanging turning fishees and the lights on the mechanical swing.
This is Medele:
And this is Mendele midswing - midsleep
We'll be back before you know it so don't go too far.


Anonymous said...

hi rivky! we've discovered mendele's blog here in solon and are stalking it incessently! he's sooooo cute!

Rivky Friedman said...

Hey Melissa!
I'm so happy you came on, I look forward to seeing comments from you, please pass on the site to the others too. It was great seeing you last week!

Anonymous said...

"...blessed with a mild case of Down Syndrome.."

i want to thank u for those words.
i want to thank you for feeling blessed.
it reminds me that i too (a relative of a special child), am blessed.
so thank you, and hatzlacha rabba!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rivky,
Its Chana Sorah Danow here,(sweden-remember those days) your sister -in -law nechomi told me about this site. I also have a special child Boruch Hashem, mine (almost 5 year old boy) has a global developmental delay....
So I want to welcome you to this special world. Entry is quite difficult, you must have a special child....(or be a close relative or friend of one)
Until you have one, you barely know this world exists, but when you do, you find out how big it is, and how beautiful!!!!
I thank my son for giving me entry to this world. Imagine, without him I could have lived a whole lifetime and not known about this world at all.
I am so impressed by this beautiful site, it brings tears to my eyes.... Your son chose the right parents, you describe him as a fighter, its obviously in the genes.
Keep it up, let me tell you - it all pays off at the end.
I find it so interesting that a child that is officially is supposed to give us a harder/sadder etc life as everyone else sees it, gives such tremendous joy. For when they do reach a stage, the joy is much bigger then by other children. May you experience many such joys with lots and lots of progress Be"H and I have heard that the Rebbe told someone that special children (and their parents?) will be on the frontlines to greet Moshiach, Hope to see you there soon!!!
Chana Sorah

The Vogels said...

chana sorah, thank you for those comments. Hashem should give everyone the kochos they need to do right by their children.

Shmuli said...

Thank all of you for your support and friendship!!

Anonymous said...

Shmulie, you're awesome.... keep the pictures coming pleeeeez.

Rivky Friedman said...

Thank you for the warm welcome to the exclusive world of Special Chidren. B"H we know that Mendele is blessed, and are honored to be his parents. Mendele will surely be up front when Moshiach comes!