Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hi again everyone.
Well the good news is Mendele is pretty much all better from his Bronchialitis, B"H.
The rest of the news will be in pictures:
The evaluations came through - now all we have to do is wait with folded arms...... for the bureaucracy to pass.

Next time you hold a baby you'll notice that they always seem to be looking right above your head, the reason is that new born babies can in fact see the Shechina that hovers above our heads...

And yes, they really do smell like Gan Eden!

Before we get to the therapy, which may be sad to look at I would just like you all to know that despite it all, Mendele is a happy child...

(that is a smile) and that he loves his mommy for all the hard work she does to help him.

Now on to the therapies:

To help him keep his tongue inside his mouth mommy does this. Mendele bites her finger and exercises his jaw so it won't hang open.

Another way of strengthening Mendele's jaw is to run under his chin... We are not sure how this helps but the therapist said it helps so we do it.
Mendele is surrounded by colorful pictures and toys - these help him learn to focus on stuff and respond to his surroundings.
He stretches his arms and legs. He is getting stronger as he tries to hold his arms in one place while his mommy tugs gently.
Sometimes the toys and the noise are just a little too much. At such times Mendele will inevitably end up...
...on Tatty's shoulder.
Yes, it is still winter and yes, Mendele does get tired after all of this exercise.

This is the first picture you have seen on this site that has no caption.
Did you ever wonder who to turn to in case of trouble, you do now: This is one tough cookie
and this tough cookie is giving me a look that says "Put that camera away or else..."
So, till Tough Guy Mendele lets me catch some more shots of him I'll say g'night.


Rochie Sudak said...

Boy was that all worth waiting for! Mendele is really lucky to have some awesome album. I hope you end up printing these pictures as well :) Once again thanks for all the pics, they are so much fun to look at and he's getting cuter by the day!

PS. Musya went to sleep at 7 tonight, so I know that around 3am it'll be her morning... but I just couldn't fall asleep, knowing that I'd be missing these pics.
Keep them coming!!
Gnight finally :)

Alizah said...

Wow - 2 posts AND a tons of pictures in one day! Our lucky day!

I love coming here, and Mendel is KA"H adorable. You look pretty good, too Rivky :-)

Keep 'em coming, please

Snayzik HaKayn said...

I Know I haven't been very talkative this whole time but i'll say now whats been on my mind the whole time..... WOW!! and i quote - He couldn't have picked better parents!

Shmulik Glitz said...

תמונות מאוד יפות.

אם אני רואה טוב, מענדל'ה דומה מאוד לרבקי!!