Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Finally I Get to Speak!

Hi, it's me Mendele. My Tatty finally let me show you around the blog, but "just this one time," he says. (As you can see I'm a little nervous about public speaking ...) Well allow me to start with my latest achievements:

Today I successfully got my own thumb into my mouth on my own while in a sitting position for the very first time! (Sorry, Tatty didn't grab the camera in time to get it, but here I am taking it out of my mouth - mission accomplished.) Most recently I also succeeded in holding my "sussy" in my mouth by myself.

Yesterday our neighbors gave my parents new toys for me to play with. If I may say so myself I think I have established a pretty solid relationship with these little guys.
And I learned how to get what I want!
OK, Now let's talk about me- y'know my looks.
Well the thing about me that attracts the most attention is my hair. I have a widows peek like my Tatty, see?Washed and combed right after a bath it looks like this:
But less than ten minutes later it will look something like this:
Like Totally!!
(I must say that my cousin Mirel gave me the idea for this style - and when we got home from our visit with her family I adopted it immediately. Thanks Mirel)
I was not aware when this picture was taken but I'll just tell you what's going on. This is my bed, and the Rebbe's picture with the twelve pesukim are always in it with me.
When I'm awake in my bed my parents will always make me exercise. Sometimes they put me on my stomach so I can strengthen my neck and back.

If I'm not on my stomache there will always be colorful, sometimes mobile things to keep me focused and responsive.

Now and then I'll get a bath - and although I'm told again and again that babies love baths I for one can't stand them! What I do like is the attention I get from my parents afterwards! Check it out:
(In these two I'm jut being too cute for them to dress me.) (Yeah. They love it when I pretend to talk to them - they think any sound is talking!) No seriously, the happiest moments of my life are when I am in my parent's arms.

Wait do you even know my parents? Here allow me to introduce you:

This is my Tatty:And this is My Mommy - I kinda like her better... (Sorry dad.)
Anyways, thanks for joining me in my blog I hope you have a wonderful Pesach - I am so excited! This is my first Pesach ever!! I CAN'T WAIT!!

Thanks again, I'll see ya later.


The Vogels said...

G-d bless you all!!! Yum!!!

Shmuli said...

Wow! I'm impressed with the speed of that comment. I just posted and already you commented!!

Anonymous said...

thanks mendele - you are too cute for words!!!!!

Mottel said...

Hey Mendel,

Nice blog.

See ya Thursday.

Anonymous said...

YAY! So cute!

Anonymous said...

shmuly well done

Estie Marozov said...

absolutely the best blog by far is to hear it from Mendel's mouth!! The pics are great of course.

Anonymous said...

he is so precious ka"h

Rochie Sudak said...

This is the best entertainment every evening (and even luckier when we get pics)!

To be honest though - when you wrote "finally I get to speak," I was sure we'd get to see the first Mendele-video :)
But the pics will definitely do till then, so keep em coming!

Shmuli said...

Now there's an idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mendele,
Your fans on Pine Lane in Solon think you look just yummy in these pictures (we may have to talk about the hair...) and hope you will come visit soon! Happy Pesach (but no matza for you this year)!

Anonymous said...

yuuumm!! hes heaven!

Rivkie Lipskier said...

What an awesome blog! Totally rated best blog of the century - no I do not surf blogs. Anyway such amazing pictures!!!
I am sure they will keep coming.
BTW Mendel your latest cousins name is Chaya Mushka.

Anonymous said...

the more you spoil us with pics the more we wanna see!

chana said...

hi mendele! You are just adorable! well, please continue to post,okay!Enjoy Alabama and dont forget to keep us updated even while you're there!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist checking out the pics on the blog... the captions are so funny (and you can't get them from the pics in the camera).

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with you. I also hate to take a bath. My doctor told me that I will like one day.

Anonymous said...

wow mendel you have a very speical momey and taty to give you your own blog spot look fowaed to seeing many more updates