Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Pesach

HI, Happy Kosher Pesach.
My Tatty is not as strict as he looked when I came out for the first time! He let me post again!
Anyways, my family and I have traveled to my Father's brother down south.
In the airport, due to my newly acquired fame, my mother worried that people would recognize me and ask for photo ops or autographs - or maybe even want to sit next to us on the plane! Therefore Mommy dressed me up in a disguise - a pink outfit. As awkward as that was for me it sure did the trick. I was called a pretty little girl by more than a few people.
Still... I was not ecstatic about the idea- I was feeling rather blue in the pink!
We were up at 5:45 am - need I say more?
I am pretty sure that even the people in first class don't have the comfort or the service I got in Mommy's lap.
While here, I have made some southern friends:
The strawberry guy,

and the blondie - just to mention a few.
The weather here Whoa! It's hot. I love it. I would like to publicly thank my great aunt and uncle for the wonderful bib. I will never have an identity crisis again!
OK, the angel told me that on chol hamoed weekday things have to be done with a shinuy - I'm only posting seven pics.

Happy Moed!


Mottel said...

Who's the great-uncle?

chana'le said...

Mendele you are sooo cute ka"h keep the pictures coming. have a good shabos and yom tov!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely Shmulie !!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's most certainly been long enough since Pesach to recover! Come on Mendele- I'm sure you have something to say about the rest of Yom Tov!

Anonymous said...


Snayzik HaKayn said...

C'mon! Yer keepin' us all in suspence! Just to here that voice - er, uh se that, um, spelling er whatever.