Sunday, April 22, 2007

PT & more

Mendele had 3 PT sessions this week. He was so exhausted that he slept a double nap after each one! It's not that he is being worked so hard, but 30 minutes of nonstop movement can be tiring. Day 1: we worked on his stretching, grasping and reaching. Day 2: head control and rolling. Day 3: all of the above. Ms. Leslie also gives us homework to do with Mendel twice a day. So far Mendele has been responding well and is a little more active with reaching.

Now that Mendele is 3 months old, his delays are more evident (all newborns are helpless) so we know better in which areas he needs the most work. Although Mendele is doing everything the chart says a 3 month old child should, he is much weaker and can't do them as long. For example his grasp only holds for a couple of seconds, instead of for a few minutes.

You can imagine why we snap pictures of everything Mendele does that is outstanding or new!

Mendele will be starting Speach Thearapy this week, and we are looking forward to our new homework! The more we know, the more time we make to do it;)

Mendele is also very excited for his upcoming playdate with a little boy about a month older than him who also has Down syndrome. We'll keep you posted on that one!

Pictures will Bli Neder be on their way (I don't have the camera with me now). For some reason, they didn't show up in the last post. But we got lots of great new shots!


The Vogels said...

yasher koach guys.

AY and Fruma said...

Vary nice, guys! We're looking forward to pictures

Anonymous said...

You are cool