Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hello Everybody

Arrlm, mmpht, hhmpt, pppt, pptr, uh?
Oh, hello everybody!

Now, I know it's been a long time but my arms are so tired from all my therapy that it's a real sacrifice for me to do this for you.
Well, we left off in the middle of Pesach down south.
Here is my Tatty explaining to me how he changes my diaper. First the right then the left...
It was a long lesson...
By the way I made more friends down here like this fuzzy, squawking ducky. I also played with a stretchy red thing with spikes and goo inside that lit up when my Tatty made it light up.
I also met my cousin from the west, with whom I got to spend some quality time.All in all, chol hamoed and the days that followed were quite pleasant!
Unexpectedly cold... ...but pleasant nonetheless.
On one of the chol hamoed days my aunt presented me with a very special gift - an hour with one of the most accomplished therapists of her city!
First she explained to my parents and me about some of the things we can do to make sure I will speak well, when I do begin to speak.
Bottom line, and this applies for all parents of any kind of kid, speak, speak, speak and speak some more! Tell us about everything you do tell us about everything we touch. The more you speak to us now, the more we'll speak to you later!
Then we read some picture books one about barns, cows and chickens and one that was full of cute baby pictures.
By the time we were done I was zonked!
Oh here's another fun thing I did here in the south. My Tatty tried to fix a broken washing machine and I got to help him!Yeah we always have so much fun together, my Tatty and me. In this shot I am demonstrating the one feat of which i am most proud:
Well, all good things come to an end and after Yom Tov we had to go back home. Here I am on top of all my luggage.
And when we got on the plane I found that it was so huge and had so many people... I couldn't help it... my jaw dropped open!
The trip was uneventfully and we're now back in NY.
Back in NY the government granted me my therapy sessions, Boruch Hashem. Every week I get three session with Ms. Lesley and two with Morah Chanie. Ms. Lesley is working on my physical therapy. Here I'll show you some of the things we've worked on and some of the things she's taught me to do.
In this photo Ms. Lesley, my physical therapist, is helping me practice my grasping:In this photo she is helping me learn to roll over:
In this shot Ms. Lesley is helping me learn to reach out for things that are not put right into my hand:
In this one I am sprawled out on one of the toys she always brings. This is supposed to help me strengthen both my arm and my neck and back, all in order that one day soon I should be able to crawl.

See, since I don't understand English just yet I have to listen to Ms. Lesley's instructions very carefully. I must concentrate!

And then we start: 1,2,3...24,25, whoa! 26...Oh! When I finished with that exercise I was so thirsty I could have drunk an ocean!
But I had to leave some for the fish.
Back to business. I learned to put things into my mouth (notice how I grabbed that chain with both hands ;)I have been practicing my conversation skills:

I do some strenuous exercises on my own time too. In this shot I am working frantically to inch my way over to that chain. Oh to get my hands on that chain!And inevitably... I fall asleep.

Morah Chanie works with my mouth. Here she is working to convince me to keep my tongue inside.

That thing she is holding looks kinda like a toothbrush but it actually is meant to strengthen my jaw muscles. One day I'll show you how it works.

In this shot my Tatty keeps me balanced as I practice carrying my own weight on my own legs (though you can't see it that's really what I'm doing.) I'm up to five full seconds now!

Anyways, it's late and I haven't eaten the meal that comes after the meal after supper. So, I'll catch ya later, Bye Bye.


Anonymous said...

Whoa Mendele!
You sound oh so busy but oh so happy. We must all learn from you to work at what we want. You're a real trooper. And a huge yasher koach goes to your parents for all their hard work.
By the way, not to give you too much, but we live off a daily dose of 'Mendele' so keep em coming. K"ah you are growing up so nicely and we dont want to miss any of it! Keep iy up!
Love one of your biggest fans

Shmuli said...

Dear anonymouses,
We would love to know at least your first names so we can hope to maybe think we've figured out who you are.
Thanks a bunch for you support!

chana'le said...

Thanks so much for the pictures (I've been checking and waiting) Mendele is so cute and looks like he (and you) are really working hard...

Anonymous said...

Wow Mendele, that was adorable and abselutly hilarious. you have a wondeful sense of humor and i was positivly roaring with laughter. keep it up!! Zait Gebenched

AY and Fruma said...

Mendele, you made me tired just reading about all your hard work. Pretty soon you'll be way ahead of the game- I just hope your Mommy and Tatty don't get too tired out to keep up with you. Way to go Shmuli and Rivky!!

Rabbi Chayim Friedman said...

Like I was telling you during our phone conversation, I am not much of a poster, commenter, publisher, or whatever you call it. But OurMendele is my home page and we lap it up at every step, three four times a day! So you don't know me, BUT I KNOW YOU!

Esah Einai El hehorim Mey'ayin Yovoi Ezri? Al Tikrei hehorim elah hehoirim, the good books say.
When was the last time there was Dvar Torah on this site? (I'm a Rosh Yeshiva y'know)
Shmuli and Rivky - parents of the year - Thanks so much for taking such good care of my nephew.

Anonymous said...

Rivky, you ARE amazing. you are AMAZING. you really are.
I'll call soon, iy"h!

Anonymous said...

wowo shmulie , those pictures are adorable!!!

The Vogels said...

WoW!! May you all be gebentched with kol tuv sela (mamelach)!

Anonymous said...

Loving the new pics!

Very impressed to see all of the work you and your parents are putting into things. Lefum tzara agra- I'm sure we'll be hearing some incredible results!

Anonymous said...

hi mendele! we absolutely love your new pictures and we're so excited with all the progress that you're making! we're also very impressed that your Tatty is mechanical, but we're not quite sure about your hairstyle...we can't wait to see you!
~the rotblatt family

Yossi said...

nice mendele! you have an unbelievable sense of humor! i'm sure you got it from your tatty! keep it up! at least we hear the friedman humor through you!