Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mendele's Week

Hi friends.
This week Juliet and Leslie worked Mendele harder than ever. We are trying very hard to build his "trunk support", a vital ability without which one can neither sit nor stand and surely not walk.
Take a look:

Tada! After therapy it's back to play!
This is Mendele's new Bumbo Seat TM.
This is Mendele's xylophone, finally in picture!
And this is Mendele's new and improved smile.
So, from under the couch (the only place he can scoot to), Mendele wishes you all a good week.


Rochie Sudak said...

Woah!! He's turning into a real big boy now. Sitting? He looks SO cute. And that last picture under the couch is just gorgeous! :)

ENJOY... we wish you'd come visit.


Anonymous said...

What a precious smile!

chayaweinman said...

what cute pictures! He looks so yummy - esp the cheeky smile in the last picture under the couch!

Rivky Friedman said...

Can you believe that he's 7 months old?!! That just means that your baby is even older, KA"H!
Mendele is so much fun to play with. I wish you could see him in real life.