Sunday, July 22, 2007

Manhattan is in no particular order.

Hi everybody and welcome back.
Mendele and his Mommy and Tatty spent Shabbos in 'the country'. Mendele took to the fresh country air like a fish to water. (The following is in no particular order.)
Lately Mendele has been putting everything in his mouth; his burping diaper,his bally toys,
his pushka's toes...
He got a new Bumbo Seattm ......which he uses mainly during mealtime.
Mendele is a smiley face!
A beautiful smiley face!
Mendele got to play with a piano, and a xylophone (not pictured... yet).
Mendele also got to go to Manhattan for the first time.

We'll tell you why a little later.So, from the Big Apple, tu da lu.


Anonymous said...

thanx for the post and I hope youre having alot of fun!

The Vogels said...

That chair is quite cute - never mind the baby! Those are some of the best shots of mendele yet. G-d bless you all with kol tuv sela mamelach and moshiach should come before this fast day.

chana said...

those pictures are precious! mendele is growing so much!
(are there no more emails about new posts?i mean i saw this one a whole day later! rivky- thanks for telling me about the bumbo (in Pits..) i bought it and its great!)

chaya d said...

thanx for the latest post, it cheered up the very quiet & depressing tishah b'av eavening!