Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Special treat!

Hello everybody and thank you for your patience. Since I haven't posted in such a long time here is som real good news: Mendele is eating real food!
Oops, wrong picture. I meant to put the one with Mendele eating sweet potato.

Anyways here's a fun picture.
Mendele went to his cousin's Bat Mitzvah - he seems pretty tickled that he was the only boy there!

This is Mendele's great grandmother (Bubby Friedman) larichas yomim vshanim tovos!
Parents if you ar tired of caring for your baby carriage just get one of these: Baby Bjorne, it's a mechaya!
So I hope you'll fogive us for the delay.
Have a good day.


Solon said...

thanx for the vidios!

Rochie Sudak said...

WOW- that's an awesome video of him laughing!

I was checking this blog so desparately every day till I decided to yell really loud (thru a comment), but when I got here you already posted this new one!! Boy you're lucky you just made it by the minute & missed a big screamin' :)