Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mendele has a new type of therapy; he gets to sit in a pile of beans, noodles, etc. that get him used to the sound and feel of it, to improve his sensory skills. At first he was petrified to get in, but now he's improved B"H and actually looks forward to it.

Mendele in his glasses!!

He has a new thing that he has to feel all his food before he can eat it.
Mendele's biggest crime: Throwing food on the floor that Mommy has to pick up!

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Anonymous said...

Mendel is getting so big KAH!! :)

When Chava was younger, we had a large deep tote with pounds and pounds of dry rice for her to swoosh and play in. It kept the small grains contained while giving her ample room to move about. We closed the lid and tucked it away when not in use. It worked out well.

Chava also has a "throwing" issue. There's something quite appealing to her when she throws a toy or food, or any object she can get. Maybe it's the loud noise or the way the object bounces on the floor. But we try to redirect the throwing and show her what's appropriate to throw, and what isn't. But I'm finding now that the best thing is to ignore the behavior. It has definitely improved.