Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This summer

note: ask any camper what their favorite part of camp is and they will all tell you, "Mendele!"

Final note: Our temporary therapist says over and over again, "I've never seen such an attentive 18 month old. He's amazing." (not to show off or anything.) bli ayin hara


Anonymous said...

i am so excited! i go on multiple times a day to see an update, finally! this kid is irresistible, its so nice to see ur having a good time, mendele looks like he's so happy and growing nicely. looks like ur working hard. hatzlacha.

chana said...

thanks for the post! Looks greaat! Those of us who don't see mendele every day marvel at how much he's grown!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how he has grown!! What a kid can gain in the summer, he can't gain the entire year (horseback riding, swimming....) You all look great, the picture of all of you in camp is marvelous! Can't wait to see Mendele in C.H.

Anonymous said...

We miss you! glad you are having a great summer!