Monday, October 6, 2008

In other news

B"H Mendele is now crawling on all 4!!! (he's been crawling with one foot up.) We were at a Hotel for Rosh Hashana and the hallways were just long enough for Mendele to just keep going. He's loving his freedom, and doesn't ask to be picked up anymore!

In other news we were approved for SSI (Suplemental Security Income) which is given by the gov. to help cover needs of those with disabilities. So now we have no excuse not to buy the best stuff out there.... like a set of sign language dvd's that is $668.

Yes, we started signing with Mendele and I highly recommend it for any child who is not speaking. It has totally taken away his frustration. Now, he can tell & show us what he wants. People are worried that signing will take away the will to speak but really it only helps increase it. With Mendele he speaks and signs together. When he just says, "Da" I'm not sure what he's referring to, but when he says "Da" and shows me with his fingers "Dip" then, I know he's asking me to sing the "Dip the apple in the honey" song. The problem is once he starts, he just wants the song over and over... (he signs 'more' and says "Na, Na" for Nach which means more in Yiddish)

Simple signs that Mendele uses on a daily basis are: eat, drink, milk, water, more, give me, sit, finished, up, down, music, play, apple and... thats all I can think of off hand.

Here are the "home-made" signs which Mendele uses: diaper, hat, open, close, go away, nurse (yes, I am still nursing him, experience shows its the best oral motor therapy) candles, and... I'm stuck again. I'll add them on as I see him signing and remember the rest.

Mendele's vocabulary has made a huge jump this month. He is currently using one syllable words unless both syllables are the same as in Mama, Dada, Ba Ba (Bye, Bye.) A word, according to the therapists, is any sound that he says and uses consistently for the same thing. So, if you heard him talking, you may need further interpretation. For example, he holds his hand like he's talking on the phone and says "A-owe" to which we know he is saying "Hello."

"Ssss" (Hais in Yiddish means Hot)
"Nuh" (Nose)
"Da" (Das in Yiddish means This)
"Gah" (Car)
"Mmm" (Food)
"Ba-ba" (Bamba-snacks)
"Ata" (Hantach in Yiddish is Towel)
"Itu" (Hitul in Yiddish is Hat)
"Oh" (Open)
"Dah" (Down)
"Dih" (Dip -refering to Dip the apple in the honey)
"Mah" (Farmach in Yiddish means Close)
"Ada" (Adaink in Yiddish means Thank You)

Like in China there are words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently.....
"Dede" (Rebbe)
"Dede" (Baby)
"Dede" (Vindel in Yiddish for Diaper)
"Dede" (Zaide in Yiddish for Grandpa)

so long for now....questions and comments are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I commented on your blog a while ago- someone recommended your blog when I was looking for resources for a friend of mine who had a baby with DS.

Since then I was hooked and kept reading all the updates :D

Mendele seems so delightful, KA"H! And his verbal and signing vocabulary is unbelievable. He's way ahead of other kids his age.

And shkoyach for keeping up with the nursing. :) It really has so many benefits.

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead with only nachas from Mendele!

Yitzchok and Nina said...

Wow, thank you for the update. looks happening:) What a cute little guy you've got!

Yehudis B. Alevsky said...




Anonymous said...

This entry probably took over an hour to write up!!!! You should give lessons on time-management skills!!! Where do you find the time to be a mother, wife, therapist, doctor, advisor to others and TO KEEP UP THIS BLOG!!

WOW!! Mendele is Baruch Hashem communicating beautifully!! And what a mixture of consanants and vowels!! That's great!! (Bet it's your nursing that's keeping his oral motor skills so high-functioning!!)

May your nachas from Mendele continue to grow and grow by leaps and bounds.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait, I forgot to wish you a Mazal Tov on the SSI acceptance and Mendele crawling on all fours!! Finally, a little break on your back!! (Imagine if he can crawl up all the flights of steps in your building so that you don't have to carry/shlep him up!??!!?)

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is the first time Im visiting your blog, and wow!!!! i have no words!! keep it up! I see you wrote your going to teacher Tery with him is that the one at step by step? are you happy there? is it a heimishe place? are you impressed by Terry? Im cosidering sending there too so i was just wondering... thanks

Rivky Friedman said...

Thanks for coming! Yes Teacher Terry is with SBS. Its very heimeish. Mendele has learned and gained so much since we started. Teacher Terry is a great source of info and I learn from her each time. The pros definetly outway the cons. e-mail me and I'll be glad to discuss your concerns with you. Hatzlacha.