Thursday, June 18, 2009

Launching "Mendele's Friends"

Hi friends,

Having a child with Down Syndrome can be heartbreaking, shocking, devastating. There is also a lot you might go through that others will not experience and vise-verse. There are many things that G-d, in His Eternal Kindness, did not put our family through that many of our readers are going through.

To get a fuller pool of information we are launching a section called "Mendele's Friends" for families who have had a different Down Syndrome experience than ours and want a place to share their findings.

Dear Friends, we have learned not to take this site lightly. You can see for yourself - look up "down syndrome homeopathy" in google and you will see that our blog is #1 on the first page!! Lots of people come here for information and inspiration.

To contribute contact us at and start sharing. Send us your pain, send us your joy, send us any information you feel could help another parent of a baby with down syndrome.

Thank you all, for your love and support and may G-d bless each and every family upon the face of this earth with healthy offspring, forever!

Shmuli and Rivky

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The Vogels said...

Shmuli and Rivky, you are both incredible! Yimalei Hashem kol mishalos libchem litovah.

Nechami and MM