Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kinesiology Tape [knee-zee-ah-lu-gee]

Hi Gang,

We'd been working on Mendele's walking for some time, the main issue being that he didn't seem to like having his toes on the floor- he preferred to stick them up into the air. (B"H He walks fine now and thanks to another therapy which I will tell you about later he is even getting up on his own).

There had been several opinions offered about the cause of his delay - all interesting. Our fantastic OC suggested that it was because his toes were too sensitive to touch and that we needed to brushs his feet with a sensory brush.

But the one I'd like to tell you about came from our physical therapist who thought that it was because of the weekness of his leg muscles. But that's not the exciting part. The really exciting part was the solution.

She suggested a new form of therapy (one you might remember from the Beijing Olympics) called Kinesio Taping. The therapist taped Mendele's feet at a certain angle that would help him use his feet correctly while he walked. This would make his walking easier and better.

About the actual tape:

This tape is used in therapy (healing) to relax overused muscles and in rehabilitation (muscle building) to encourage underused muscles to work harder and get their exercise. The wave pattern found on the tape's adhesive (sticky side) has a lifting effect on the skin which can reduce swelling and inflammation by improving circulation and reduce pain by taking pressure off pain receptors (which I assume are the nerves and nerve endings).

Elastic therapeutic tape is made from cotton strips with an acrylic glue and was designed by a Japanese Chiropractor to maximize the patient's comfort.

Kinesio Taping not only gives patients support, but can help to rehabilitate the affected area as well. This technique uses Kinesiology Tape that works with the body allowing free movement. This tape does not suffocate the skin as the others do and it has only two ingredients in it - so it is hypoallergenic and can be used safely on everybody from babies to very old people.

The water resistant fabric wicks away moisture and gives the wearer the ability to bathe as normal. Kinesiology Taping works with the lymphatic system (a neat little system our bodies have that helps us heal) to increase circulation of blood and lymph (the magical healing potion of the immune system) in order to heal and relieve pain. Used for virtually all clinical conditions.

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Warning: Do not administer Kinesio Tape yourself. A certified practitioner in your area can be found on the K.T. website


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MM's Mommy said...

Hello Mr. Sensory! The brushing should do wonders, over the entire body too.

B"H there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Some hope!

Good Luck taking the tape off!! All the baby oil in the world still won't do the trick.

My son was 'taped' too, it was very easy to put it on the first time. Once he felt the pain of the tape being pulled off, even after a bath and oil...., it took a lot of man power to put it on a few more times! But, he was taped in a different area, a much more sensitive part than the leg.

Rivky Friedman said...

yup. sometimes the good comes along with the hard too.

Anonymous said...

hey rivky, its kaila. Let me know how the taping is going i heard a bout it, but never tried it. I havnt been om your website for soooooo long mendele is soooooo big and cute !!!!