Tuesday, August 18, 2009

At first he just stared.

Than he played "Beep Beep" with her nose.

Now he's having fun!

And now for the little sister!


The Vogels said...


CR Estrin said...

Mazel Tov Rivky, Shmulie and Mendel! Your little one is beautiful ka"h... I hope she made a smooth arrival and is treating you guys well.
What's her name?
Mazel Tov and lotsa nachas!

Anonymous said...

Just plain sweet!

Mushky said...

Her name is Chaya Mushka-
Mendele and her together are jsut plain cute!

Chanel said...

gorgeous ka'h! may you have much yiddishe and chassidishe nachas from both of them.

cma said...

shes gorgeous!! mazel tov rivky and shmulie! only simchas!
cant wait to see her in real life!!!! :)
we love you!
alevskys, nyc

shayna said...

shes soooooo heaven!!!!!!
mazal tov!!!