Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saying the Morning Brachos!


Anonymous Mendele Fan said...

Yay Mendele! That was beautiful!

I'm so impressed with all of the chassidishkeit Mendele displays even when you might think a child spending so much time with non-Jewish therapists might be disadvantaged in that sense. But Mendele speaks Yiddish and English, says all of his brachos, and as we see here, has spent a lot of time learning his davening! How on earth do you do it?

Yehudis B. Alevsky said...

hes soo adorabul!!!!

MM's Mommy said...

He is Way smarter than most kids his age, most typical kids that is!! WOW WEE!!!!!!!!!!! The nachas just grows and grows! Listen to that kid!!

I imagine that this year he will be saying the Mah Nishtana by the seder!! I don't put it past him to say it in both Hebrew and Yiddish! Next year he will be giving the Drasha in Shul! You just wait and see.

chana said...

Unbelievable! What a zeeskiet!
hugs and kisses to mendele!

mushka rivkin said...

Hi Rivky, it was nice to see you at the l;chaim and i checked out the blog. wow, he got so big, and the video of the brachos is adorable and amazing. Your baby is also a cutie!
DL Posner (Rivkin)

Anonymous said...

amazing amazing!!!! you guys are great! thanks for this speech clip
asach nachas! miss you,chanie