Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been a year! Wow!

Today is Chaya'les Birthday. Mendele wanted to be recognized to, so when the kids were singing happy birthday his name was also included. Lately, anything that Chayale does or gets (except for food that Mendele is still so picky about) he also wasnt a turn!

Enjoy these pictures of Chaya'les Birthday Party! Notice Mendele's new glasses.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rivki

I hope you are well. your mendele is gorgeous..
Our yosef yitzchak is doing well.. Is at BIY this year and likes it.

Just found out you moved.. Sounds like you are happy.

Did you ever go to feldenkrais in NYC? was it helpful?

All the best.If you come to crown heights please , lets get together.


Lisa Handler