Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thanks Ms. Lesley

Since I have to post something before the holiday I'll just publih this draft- and it is only a draft.
Also since Mendele has decided that he won't work with Ms. Lesley no matter what, we want to show our appreciation to Ms. Lesley by showing you all just how great she really is:

This excersize allows Mendele to practice his balance and keep his arms straight, putting pressure on his palms. This builds upper body muscle.
Mendele's parents didn't do their homework one day and Ms. Leslie had to give Mendele a shoulder massage to loosen him up.
The yellow ball. Multipurpose: rolling, head control, side control, reaching, upper body muslce.
side-head control. the goal: Mendele should be lifting his head higher while leaning on his side.
So thanks Ms. Lesley.
And Gut Yom Tov everyone else!