Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hello Everybody!

Hello, I'm having a great time with all the new tricks I've learned how to do! Pulling on my Shir Hamaalos card that is clipped onto my stroller is a my favorite. (My parents like it, because I am reaching against gravity.)

Thank You Tante Yocheved for the rocking chair. I thought I'd give it a try now that I can sit.

Uhh... this is scary!
Not too bad, I guess.
I also started playing with the next stage toys.
I popped this one all by myself!I'm just having so much fun!
My mommy decided to invite other children to play with me, a bit more social interaction can't hurt ;)

I am learning how to share with my friend Mindy.
Hope you have a Happy Succos holiday!


Anonymous said...

So sweet and delicious. I miss you guys!

chana said...

soooooooo adorable! we can't wait to see you mendele!

Moo-Moo-Moo-Mooshka'le said...

Wow you sit! I just saw you. Mazel Tov Have fun and I miss you!!