Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Therapy these days...

Therapy is a constant (albeit joyous) routine.
We're working with Mendele on closing his lips when he eats, instead of using his tongue. One way to do this is to push down on his tongue when you're putting the spoon in his mouth. Another way is to push the spoon into the side of his mouth as if your feeding the inside of his cheek! The first way helps by strengthening his tongue muscle to push back on the spoon. The second way forces him to close his lips and to move his tongue to the sides (instead of only forward and backward as he's been doing all this time).
Here Mendele decided to help his OT and feed himself! She like the idea, and said that now is a great time to start teaching him how to use a spoon and directing it into his mouth.

In PT, Mendele has graduated from the big yellow ball, to a bigger blue ball! We're still getting better at catching ourselves.

We're also getting better at sitting up on our own. Yesterday Mendele demonstrated a brand new trick- he pulled off his own socks, Oy Vey!
Gmar Chasima Tova!


itty said...

hey rivky!
it was gr-8 to spend the rosh hashan w/ u and get to know your heaven son!!!!
he's adorable k"ah!!
i miss him so much already!!!!
send him my reagards!

Anonymous said...

hes yum!!!
i miss him already!!!!!

Cookie said...

this blog rocks - as does mendel
he is adorable as always :)

gmar chasima tova
chani m

Rivky Friedman said...

Come visit, Itty!
Both Chanie's are welcome as well (when ur in town)