Friday, January 23, 2009

On Friday, at playgroup, Mendele was the Sabbos Totty in honor of his Birthday. He got to wear Totty's Hat. Then all the children were given Tzedaka to put in the pushka.
The Shabbos Mommy "lit" the candles.
And then the Totty went to "Shul" to say "Lecha Dodi." When he came back from "Shul," he made kiddush and then everyone had a cupcake.
Mendele was given a special Birthday Hat to wear while the children said the 12 Pesukim.
And he got to sit on the Birthday Chair.
Mendele also went to the Rebbe's Ohel for his Birthday. We're so proud that he kept his Yarmulka on the whole time!
He even wrote his own Pa"N Mendele's new Hachlota is to give Tzedaka every day (except Shabbos, of course)
He still does a very good job of Kissing the Mezuzah, his Hachlata from last year.


chana said...

wow! what a birthday celebration! A year with much bracha and hatzlacha..!

The Vogels said...

shmuli and rivky - this is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

mazel tov upon the birthday! shnas hatzlocho. Looks like he is a yummy little one:)

Rivky Friedman said...


Mommy said...

Rivky and Shmuli you guys are amazing! Lots of Yiddishe Chassidishe nachas.