Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Choosing the best theory - Our experience with Medek

Disclaimer: We do not endorse Medek.

We were given the opportunity to try Medek with Mendele as a demonstrator. Ramon was giving a course to learning therapists who were to be certified in Medek. There are 3 levels to Medek, this course was level 1. The course was a week long. We were asked to come in for 3 sessions plus the evaluation. It was very interesting to hear how Medek was created from Ramon himself. He explained each exercise, than took turns with the different children demonstrating the exercises.

Medek has a reputation of children crying throughout the session, or having some dangerous moves. Medek done by an experienced therapist is not dangerous and does not cause the child to cry. If the child is crying, the exercise is not being done correctly. Medek exercises are very specific. The exact location on the child's body will ensure if the exercise is being done properly or not. If the therapist or parent doing the exercise is even 1/4 inch off, the exercise will not work. Some children handled it well. Mendele did not enjoy it too much. Once evaluated and given the exercises Mendele was able to keep up with those allotted to him. Medek re-evaluates after each session and gives parents exercises to work on with their children.

Choosing the best theory.
Rule # 1: Know your child and what works well for your child.
Rule # 2: Look for what will be most affective for your child.
Rule # 3: Think of the long-short way vs. short-long way.
Rule # 4: Give at least 4 months for new method to take affect.

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