Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hello there,
We once heard that beets are good for the digestive system. Well, Mendele got a full serving of 'em!
He really enjoyed that activity...
...but when he realized how messy the stuff was...
...and that he was covered from head to toe...
...he was grossed out!
So he demanded a bath.

Ahh. much better.
In all seriousness bath time is a great learning experience for Mendele. The truth is that every everyday activity can be a language experience for babies, as they have their learning radars way up.

Our wonderful speech and special ed. therapists have instructed us to turn every routine into a consistent, systematic exercise. Even saying goodbye has become a learning experience. It begins with walking the guest to the door, waving goodbye ("bye-bye"), closing the door and shutting the hallway light.

Every action should be accompanied by some word or sound. Shutting the lights- "Off!". Closing the door, "Closed!". Splashing around in the bath, "Splash!" and blowing bubbles, "Bubble, Bubble".

---ta ta.


The Vogels said...

Bless you all. Can we have an online birthday party?

Anonymous said...

It's in the plans.

Anonymous said...


mussie sasonkin said...

yummy yum yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shainy said...

happy b-day mendele. rivky - did you get the article i e mailed you from my aunt about her daughters b day?

Anonymous said...

Very nice, and cute pictures.
happy B-day Mendle, if I am not mistaking I think it's today, Chof zayin? That;s what I have in my calendar.
Anywayz, may you grow up to bring nachas and happiness to many ppl.

Estee said...

Happy Birthday Mendele!
You should have grow mechayil eil chayil! all the brochos!
Mendele you are so lucky to have such amazing parents! May they have the strength to help you until 120!
Estee Weingarten

Anonymous said...

happy birthday i happen to chance on your website and am happy that i did! i really learned a lot and look up to your happy outlook on life! thanks