Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally the Bday Pics are Here

Welcome to Mendele's Birthday Party!
That's me!
and my friend.

Here are my cousins.

We passed around the Pushka (Charity Box) at the party and I gave Tzedakah!

My Hachlata (resolution) is to kiss the Mezuzah every night before going to bed.
We three were born within 2 days of each other. We heard a story, took turnes saying the 12 Pesukim (Torah Passages) and played a game with my Tatty.
More Tzedakkah fun.
Der Gantzer Mishpacha.
( Being that this picture ended up here....this is Mendele and his new therapist who does Feldenkrais with him.)
Thanks for joining my birthday party! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Mazal Tov! What a cute big boy!

Anonymous said...

yep hes gettting so big !!!
cant wait to see u guys !!!

mussie sasonkin said...